Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Boxes

This is a must to do for Valentine's Day
Who wouldn't L-O-V-E this cute little box to hold cards and treats for Valentine's Day?

My kids love Valentine's Day- really, who doesn't- when chocolate is involved??  I love this time of year- I get so giddy about the cute pink and red decorations, chocolate, flowers, heart shaped crafts your kids bring home from school, chocolate, heart shaped sugar cookies, chocolate, the extra hugs and kisses you get from your kids, a special dinner or night out with your true love and did I mention all the CHOCOLATE?

So this year we decided that super cute Valentine Boxes would be a
 fun project this year- we hope you like them too.  

Items you will need:

Valentine's Day Fabric*- hearts, lips, X's and O's and just about anything else with pink, red and white in it (I like to use up a lot of scrap fabric)  *unless you have a little boy- and then of course you will need something rough and tough- instead of frilly and girly!! 
  1.  3 blocks of Scrapbooking Chipboard measuring 12" x 12" , OR cardboard (that measures the same) OR a 30" x 12" piece of 1/8th inch fiberboard (crafting wood)
  2. five 12 x 12 inch pieces of 1/4 in polyester batting (or other thin batting)
  3. Matching thread
  4. Sewing kit- (i.e.  scissors, pins, measureing tape, etc)
  5. cutting board and roller cutting blade
  6. s.e.i. iron on embelishments  OR  your own creative Embellishments
  7. 10 buttons
  8. Wire ribbon and regular ribbon sizes will vary with your design 
  9. And plenty of srappy fabric is your favorite colors
Lets begin...

Measure and cut...
4 blocks that measure 6 3/4" x 11 "
2 blocks that measure 6 3/4" x 6 3/4"
Some examples are:
or framed fabric (also shown in this tutorial)

or for a simpler project you may like to use a solid piece that will measure:
"top fabric"   -  26 x 26inches
"back fabric" - 26 x 26inches

cut to these measurements:

 Measure and cut...

1/8th inch FIBERBOARD (crafting wood) or CHIPBOARD
4 blocks that measure 6"  x 11 3/4"
2 blocks that measure 6"  x 6"

Fun Curly Letters to Spell out your name or
Camouflage Block Letters for a "tougher" look
Fun shapes
Cut out and make your own with iron on transfer sheets

For the Chalk Cloth please go to:
Novelty Quilt Fabric for the best source of Novelty prints for every occasion!!
you may want to applique your own designs on--

Whatever you choose...


 take the blocks- paying close attention to the direction of assembly-
 sew them together to fit in the shape of a upside down lower case "t"

After sewing the block panels together- press and starch

Now place right side together front/outside fabric onto the back/inside fabric
cut to size and shape- careful not to shift or move fabric (pin carefully)

Sew a 1/4" seam leaving a 7 1/2 inches unsewn (this will allow you to turn your fabric and insert your chipboard without bending or flexing it- or ripping the seams getting in your boards).  Clip your corners and trim your corners too.

turn right side out

use pin to square up the corners

The next step is to insert your chipboard.
if you haven't covered your board with
Batting yet- do it now.  Use a spray adhesive to glue on the batting to the board.

opening should be a good 7 inches

use sewing machine to sew a straight stitch to separate sides
I found that my Zipper foot worked out the very best!

Sew each board into its place.

then insert the last two boards in and the whip stitch opening closed, then sew another "separation seam between the last two blocks.

Now comes the fun creative part...

Using 8 out of the 10 buttons previously mentioned- sew them into the top corners of your box- add ribbon or elastic(less girly) to use for the method to tie up the sides.

The other two buttons are used for the latch to shut the top lid.

Embellish with buttons, tags, ribbon lace and whatever make this Valentine's Box unique and your very own!!


Last but not least... the most important part- is to insert the CHOCOLATE... or card, or other treat- to tell your special someone that you love them!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. I love them! Every single one of 'em!

  2. So cute. I saw the beginning of them and the finished product is darling. I must make several next year for grandkids.