Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Quilt Bag

Crazy Quilt Bag
Created by: Maddie Bushman
Level: Intermediate
The Crazy Quilt Bag is perfect for those weekend getaways. It is large enough to hold all those necessary items for a wonderful three-day vacation. Yet, it is lightweight, washable and easy to store. This is a fun project for the serger enthusiast. You will be delighted at how easy this type of crazy quilting can be done on the serger.

I really thought this bag was very cute- I love Love LOVE bags, just look at my closet and you'll see.  I really liked the size and shape it is.  This is why I thought I would pass it along.  how cute would it be to "rag" this one!!  I am also going to be putting up a EASY version of a "Rag-Bag" one that you and your little sewers can sew together.  As soon as I get it "tuted"(made into a tutorial) I will link it here.

I'll be honest- I am a big Bernina fan and I highly recommend this brand- however- I am not promoting one or another brand of sewing machine.  Besides, I bet there are those of you out there that are stuck on some other brand.  I think what you learn on is what you love- So although this is a pattern from a "Janome" sight- I am not necessarily promoting the Janome brand... just saying.

Just click on the title of this posting and it will take you to the instructions.

Happy Sewing!