Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Methods of Finishing the Edges

4 Methods to Finishing the Edges

After your quilt is tied or quilted, the edges need to be finished. 
Decide how you want the edges of your quilt finished before layering the backing and batting with the quilt top.

"Pillow Binding" -or-  "Pre-binding"
This method is simply finishing your Quilt without a separate Binding - 
This is done before tying your quilt or even quilting it. 
  1. Place the batting on a flat surface lay it out straight. Next on top of the batting place your "top" fabric right side up. Then place the your back fabric right sidedown on top of the front fabric, or in other words place your right sides of you quilt together, and place on top of the batting- lay out straight and nice making sure there are no puckers, creases, or waves inyour fabric or batting.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Triangle Block Instuctional Video

This is a video demonstration of how to piece fabric together easily to make a triangle block.

I received a kind message in my PM inbox that made a great point and offered a great suggestion, and I wanted to share it with everyone-(because I will bet there are others thinking the same thing) and then I would like to share my reasoning's for the way I did it...

Trapunto Work on the Long Arm Quilting Machine

This is a very simple method of 
Long Arm Trapunto 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rooster Table Runner

Rooster Table Runner
Pieced and raw-edge appliqué

How To make a Binding

Step 1 of ...
How to Make a Quilt Binding

Step 2 of...
How to Make a Quilt Binding

Step 3 of...
How to Make a Quilt Binding

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4 Methods of Finishing the Edge

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