Custom Machine Quilting

My name is Kris Stena Evans,  I provide quality machine quilting at great prices.  My business is out of my home.  I love spending time here with my family.  I have been quilting for over 13 years on my Long arm Quilting Machine. And started sewing while sitting on my mom's lap- too little to reach the petal.  I started my own sewing business when I returned from serving a LDS Mission.  I was able to put myself through College with this business.  I love quilting and will provide a quality service for you and your family.

I currently have a Nolting Long Arm Quilting Machine, with a 15 foot table. I am capable of quilting all sizes of quilts.  Baby quilts and crib sizes, throws, couch quilts, Twin and full sizes, Queen and King sizes, even California King spreads.

I will quilt your fabric or make a special order to fit your likes.
I will make a complete quilt for you from simply telling me colors.
I provide services that will match your specific needs,
I can machine quilt your pre-pieced quilt tops, recycle your old quilts.
or I am able to do other things that you need with quilting.
For instance: bind your quilts, make coordinating shams for an existing quilt top,
 make bed skirts, pillow cases, throw pillows and more.
I love sewing an quilting and can usually have your quilt back to you in 2-3 weeks.
All you need to do is email with your questions and I would love to help you out.

My e-mail address is:

Below are the styles I am able to do. If there are questions you may have I love visiting and would be happy to talk to you.

Easy quilting costs- $0.01 psi

(free hand meandering or large stippling stitch edge to edge)
ex. 90x108= 9720  9720x.01= 97.20  so,
a Average queen sized quilt could be around $97.20

Average quilting costs- $0.018 psi 

(free hand edge to edge with some custom borders and custom block work)


Dense Quilting Costs -$0.020-0.025 psi 

(intricate stitching-stencils and patterns)


Heirloom quilting $0.03 psi 

(detailed dense quilting-ie. temple quilts and fully marked tops)

Machine binding- $0.10 per linear inch
So again, here is the math:
108 + 90 x 2=396
396 x .10= $39.60
Hand Binding- $.20 pli
Hand binding- Scalloped edge- $.28 pli

* Batting Prices may vary and change at any time-even unexpectedly-
HOWEVER- I will always let you know a price quote ahead of time so that you are never in SHOCK! :)

I normally need the fabric from you top and back- but I will make any accommodations that I need to,  I am happy to get fabric that best coordinates with what you need. These prices will vary according to your fabric choices.

Thank you, Kris Stena Evans