Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is my first give away-
let's see how many of you are real quilters!!

Any one who is a quilter, crafter or "SEW"-er
 cannot pass up this giveaway!

This drawing will be for:

·       1/3 yard each of five different valentine fabrics 

·       One spool of light pink thread
·       3 spools of ribbon
·       3 accent iron on transfer embellishments thoughtfully donated by s.e.i.
·       3 doily flowers also donated by s.e.i.
·       3 sheets of Iron on Transfer Paper (one strip of valentine messages, one sheet of white curly letters, and one sheet of solid "make you own" pink polka-dots transfer paper) - all donated by s.e.i.
 Look at the other things they have for quilters, crafters and scrap-bookers alike!
they also have a page for all those "digital-scrap-bookers" too.
You should also visit them for other embellishments too at

A package worth $30- 

All you need to do is to...

"Follow Me" on my blog,

"LIKE" me on Facebook:


Post a comment telling me what you might like from my
ETSY store!! 

For each time you do this, you name will go into a drawing.

Love to see who wins!!  


Drawing ends on February 11th


  1. I follow your blog, Kris Stena. So many fun ideas. I didn't know that you were on Facebook...

  2. I just started today- I just hope that it is working... Thanks for Following me!!

  3. Woot Woot! I follow you on your blog! I Love, double love, triple love you and your blog! You are a very talented girl!

  4. Hey! I am a "YOU-liker" on facebook too! :)

  5. I am a fan and I am in awe of your talent! Great blog. . . . I love it!

  6. hey girl., I love it and love you. YOu know your talent is some of the best around. I need to get over and pick up the 3 quilts

  7. I wish I was more like you....you are the sweetest person I know....

  8. I think your activity bags are definitely the beest ever! My grandsons would love them. Rose

  9. Stena, you're awesome and inspiring. I am actually working on some stuff in my sewing room. Ideas: Mom and daughter classes, but you probably already do this and I just don't pay attention. Let me know if you have them. Rachael and I would love to make bags.

  10. I'm a big fan! I follow you, I FB "like" you and I just love the activity bag in your Etsy shop. I look forward to your creativeness.

  11. Enjoy your comments on Facebook. I check it often. Love your work as you know because I have had you do many quilts for me. Have a few more done that may be coming your way. Grandma Barb Skor

  12. I love your site first of all and the black and red Flirty Apron at your etsy store is so cute! Thank you for all the projects you post!

  13. I like you on facebook, followed you and i love the flirty aprons.

  14. Ok, FB "liked" you, am following you (love your site.... new to me!) and love the black "flirty" apron with the chiffon on top. Awesome. I'm always making aprons for everyone else and have never made myself any. Might have to try a "flirty" one! Thanks for the giveway.. Karen K

  15. I am now a follower. Found you on the quilting board.

  16. All of her talent is in the genes:) We are so proud of you Kris Stena! Being your cousin is "sew" fun!

  17. I'm a new follower of your blog (I don't have Facebook) I really like your Flirty aprons. Thanks for the V-Day inspiration and giveaway! Keeping fingers crossed! :-)

  18. My favorite is the Cutest Little Bunny and Bear quilt. It's adorable. I would love to get this fabric for a log cabin hearts pattern that I have. it would be perfect.

  19. And I am a follower of your blog. How awesome far a chance to win. Thank you.

  20. Whoops I love the turkey pattern. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

  21. Yep, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!!!! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!!! It all looks like very cool stuff. My next project is going to be the heart block.

  22. I changed my mind. I love the St. George Temple quilt the best. :-)

  23. I love your memory quilt. I did a memory quilt for my mother in law with handprints of all her children through great great grandchildren on it.

  24. Love your site!!!!Any good hints on mitering quilt corners. Has Kristi picked up the quilts yet??

  25. Barb- I have a post that talks about mitering bindings, you can click on quilt bindings and go right there- but, unfortunately I haven't done anything on quilt sashing/border corners- I'll get busy with that though :) thanks for the suggestion.

    I think Kristi mentioned that she was coming over this weekend- Saturday maybe- she said she was going to call me.

    Good luck with the drawing- I am going to post the winner tomorrow morning- so tell you friends to post a comment and like me today -so they don't miss out!

  26. Sounds like Kristi will be picking up my quilts. Yeah.I don't know when I will see them. I'm working on table runners now. Hope to meet you some time. I guess I will have to go to Kristi's to do that....
    Grandma Barb

  27. Love your ideas. Sorry I missed the contest. I have been in Las Vegas.