Monday, February 7, 2011

Scrappy Crazy Quilt Blocks

This is a perfect way to use up all your scraps and make a very cute and personalized quilt block- you could use this in quilts, wall hangings, pillows and more.   

I love creating and I love NEW fabric- I'll be honest- I really take more after my Aunt Barbara when it comes to using fabric.
My mom and Grandmother have always been frugal, and conservative with fabric.  any fabric whether it was the old orange polyester (grandma pants kind of thick heavy polyester) or an old curtain or pair of pants- was saved- cut up into quilt blocks or strips to use for a later project... 
(OK- even old pantyhoses were cut up and used as ties for the plastic sacks the fabric was kept in)... so when I say frugal, and conservative you know just what I mean... 

Any way- like I said, I really took after my Aunt- meaning that she would take a super cute piece of fabric and cut out from the very center the little frog and then, stash the rest- maybe using it in another project... and when I think of another project whether it is a quilt, or a wall hanging- I find just the right print- "Fussy" cut it and stash the rest.

So just to be clear though...  I would ever throw anything away- I just LOVE using new fresh crispy fabric for most all my projects... but I have to say that this Scrappy Crazy is just as fun to create- even if I didn't use any NEW fabric.  

This is just the perfect project for all those quilters and sew-ers out there that are just like my mom and grandmother.

Lets get started...

First find fabrics that you want to use-
I chose a center piece that I ironed on a name and other embellishments

after finding your perfect center-
Trim and cut off sides leaving 1/2 inch from picture to edge of fabric
grab a strip that reaches all the way across the edge.
Sew on using a 1/4 inch seam allowance

Press open and trim lining it up with another edge of the center piece

repeat - sew and press open 

Trim again.....

.....and again.....

....and again....


and again... continue sewing and trimming until you have your desired size

Cut out your block- 

That's it... 

Not hard huh?- its just "SEW" much fun!!


  1. Cute tute. I'll have to try that sometime soon. Watch out, another scrappy may be on the way. You come up with the neatest ideas!

  2. Nice scrappy, crazy quilt block - would make neat potholders! Easy to understand pics - thanks!