Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Busy... with Halloween Costumes!

With Halloween just around the corner- I have been thinking of a few realy quick costume ideas that are fast and easy to make.

One of the costume ideas are:

A 50's Swinging Chick:  Items that you will need:
Simplicity Pattern #7210 (shown to the left here)
or Another is Simplicity pattern #5401
and the Adult sized Simplicity Pattern #5403
 here is the way I like to make it:

1 yard of felt fabric for the skirt
5 x  42 (just off the bolt) for the waist band
 Contrasting fabric for the poodle
3/4 inch or 1 in wide Elastic for waist band
With shirt and a scarf to match
white tennis shoes or sneakers with white socks

Make a circle skirt (for instructions click here)
Applique on Poodle (for FREE Applique pattern)
Embellish costume as desired

Happy Halloween!

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