Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun and Easy Circle Skirt

Here is an easy costume, dress up skirt or easy skirt for a child .  Measurements pictured in instructions are for a child sizes 3-6 with a waist up to 23 inches hips 26 inches.

if you need something larger you can easily widen the waist... I will indicate where here in the instructions.

Finished skirt will measure about 11-15 inches long... but you may easily  lengthen or shorten skirt to desired length.

1.  You will need:
  • about 1 yard of fabric (skirt)
  • 5 inches x 40-45 inches (waistband)
  • elastic 3/4 to 1 inch wide elastic
  • Embellishments

2. Cut it to a 40 inch square,
fold it in half and press

3. fold it in half again and Press

4.  Mark you fabric 
4 inches from folded corner for the waist ( if you need a larger waist measure down to 5 or 6 inches)
16-18 inches from folded corner for the length of skirt. ( if you need it longer or shorter this is where you adjust it to your desired length.)  

5.  Unfold and you will have a full Circle skirt

6.  Next take your waist band it will need to measure 4 inches wide by about 30 inches long.  To find this measurement, measure around your inner circle of the skirt and add about 2 inches to allow for a hem on both sides. You can see in the following guide:

7.  Fold the waist band in half after you have hemmed the sides,  and press.

8.  Placing raw edge to top of inner circle, PIN and SEW a 1/2 in seam you will want to butt up the hemmed edges- right next to each other.
LAST:  Measure around your child's waist , cut your elastic to size of waist,  Feed through your elastic and sew edges together overlapping 1 inch.
Hem your skirt or if you chose you may want to use a felt fabric and use pinking shears to "pink" the edges, serge the edge, or use a traditional hem.  
If you use a traditional hem and a cotton or cotton blend fabric;  zigzag your raw edge, then stitch with a straight stitch 1 inch from the bottom, press your hem up following the 1 inch stitching mark, use a decorative stitch to stitch the hem into place, and embellish with rickrack, sequins, or hand stitch flowers. you may also want to make a add on ruffle... be creative!
you may even want to use this for a dance costume or a Halloween costume by adding on a Poodle for a great 50's skirt.
Applique on Poodle (for Free Pattern Click Here)
Have fun! 

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