Monday, August 30, 2010

No Sew fleece Pillow and Blanket

No Sew fleece Pillow and Blanket
This is shown as a baby doll size but can be adapted for other sizes of course.

Items that you will need are:  Two complimentary colors of Fleece fabric
For dolly sizes you will need: 12x12 fo a pillow and a 24x24 for the blanket
Baby size blanket - 40x40
Crib- 45x60
throw- 60x72 
Lay out your front and back fabric right sides out.  Straighten fabrics and square up corners. for doll blanket- cut out a 2 inch corner (remove) and then cut strips (2 inches long and 1 inch wide)
If you are doing a baby blanket- remove a 4 inch square and cut your strips 4 inches long x 1 inch wide
this give a 4 inch fringe on edge.
If you are doing a Crib or a Throw or Larger- you could go as far as cutting up to a 6 inch fringe.  Simply cut away your corners and again fringe your blanket.
This is what your pillow and blanket should  look like. Your pillow should have both front and back placed together and cut at the same time to ensure a straight finish.  the quilt only needs one layer of fabric.
begin tieing a double knot with front and back fleece fabrics, leaving one side open for inserting the batting or pillow form.  Be sure to tie it tight.  (hint: if you tie the knot just about a half inch from the body of the pillow, the pillow will lay flatter.-don't tie it so close to the body that the knots make the fabric pucker)
Insert Pillow form. I like to use batting left over from quilts I make.  It is always good to use up your scraps! 
Finish by tieing the rest of the fringe.  
For the doll Blanket, I only tied the top and bottom, you may want to do all 4 edges.  for a Top and Bottom fringe, do NOT cut and remove your corner pieces, simply fringe from edge to edge.  tie a knot for a fun and flirty look.
Add WAH- LA, now you know what to get your little girls for Christmas, a new little crib set for their favorite dolly.  Home made with love by YOU!

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