Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Ice Pop Cozy" - a COZY way to eat your ICY treat!

"Ice Pop Cozy"
Great for cold tiny fingers on those hot summer days!!
My children love to play all day out in the sun, and enjoy the hot season.  I love to be outside with them and listen to the giggling and squills that summer games will bring.
Ice pops are always a part of our summer day, and my kids love them all...grape, orange and lime, they are always a hit.
These fun easy "ICE POP COZIES" are a fun way to stay cool.
This is a easy project that anyone of all ages and abilities can do.  Simple for even your little ones.  Hand stitch it or whip it through the sewing machine- Simple and fast!  Here is what to do:

Items that you will need:
needle and thread or your sewing machine
Tape measurer
Cut your fleece to measure:
4 inches wide 
by 5 inches long
Fold in half, (hotdog style)
Sew raw edges with 1/2 inch seem
If you are hand sewing over lap seems
by doing a backstitch
and if you choose  to use your sewing machine
a simple straight stitch will do.  I, however, like to do a small zig zag
stitch with the sewing machine.  It allows for a little more stretch
and won't pop stitches- fleece is a stretchy fabric
and the zig zag stitch allows for pulling.
Turn cozy right side out.  Use fingers to flatten out seems.
Slide in your favorite ice pop treat and enjoy the great summer days!

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  1. As a grandma....I made these from your simple and "QUICK" pattern, I did not have any left-over fleece so I used a terry cloth towel from my kitchen drawer. After use I just put them in the washer with my other kitchen towels. Clever and ever so handy. Thanks for posting.......!!!