Friday, October 1, 2010

"EEK" witch door decoration

This Cute door decoration is "SEW" Fun!  What a fun craft to get the whole family involved in.

Outside View
Inside View
The first things you will need are:

  •  5/8 Yard of Black for your Boots
  •  1/2 Yard for your Legs(your choice of color- mine is the orange and black diamond)
  • 3 yards of ribbon 1/8 in wide for the boot laces- mine is orange
  • 1/2 Yard for Bloomers (your choice of color mine is the pumpkin orange print) 
  • 3 strips of 28 x 5 1/2 inch Black variety fabric for quilted Eek door hanging (mine is 2 strips of black on black bat novelty print for the outside strips and 1 strip of black on black specked for center strip)
  • 1 fat quarter or 1/4 yard of contrasting fabric for the "EEK" letters (mine is the same fabric as the bloomers) 
  • novelty buttons and iron ons for embellishments
Wash and low heat dry your fabric.

Print out your FREE patterns

Place your Patterns on to your fabric cut out.

On your Bloomers gather the bottom of your bloomers along pattern as indicated about 1 1/2 inches from bottom.  And then
Frey your edges, by cutting them about 1/2 inch apart.

(left) Sew leg seam together- each leg separately.

(On the right).......
 Here you see I turned one leg inside out, slipped it into the other leg, lined up the crotch seam, and pinned.  Pay close attention to the top and bottom of bloomers.

 Pull out both legs, with right sides out- it should look like this.

Now to hem the top... tuck top fabric inside/under about 1/2 inch and sew a hem onto the top.  this finishes off the top.

Now it is time for the legs.  Sew the "calve" first.  I like to do a decorative top stitch along this seam.  This will not only be cute it also helps the integrity of the stitching- so that when you stuff the legs the seams will be stronger and not pop open.

Now sew the boot start at the top "back side" of boot and sew around to the "ankle" it is shown in this picture with a pin.  It is not necessary to be exact, just estimate the location to stop sewing.  The reason that you will not sew the rest of the boot will make this next step easier to sew.

Do this same thing to both boots and legs.

Pin leg and boot together.

Note: "Knee" bump should keep to the "Toe" side.

Sew and Press

Press the seam to the black boot side

Top Stitch again for strength and integrity.  You might like to do a decorative stitch for added detail.  I did a star chain- hard to really see it in the picture- Sorry...
Top stitch detail

Top Stitching

Finish sewing the rest of the boot right up to the top of the leg.

 Stuff really tight with batting.  Tools that helped me was a pencil ... the eraser side!  I was able to stuff the batting into the heal very easily with this "fine" piece of equipment!

Now you are ready to assemble the bloomers onto your legs.  Pin in place and hand stitch using a back stitch.

Iron on your Heavy Iron on interfacing to the back of your "EEK" fabric.
Place your letters on- I used a little of basting spray glue to adhere the paper patterns onto the back side of the interfacing.. NOT THE FABRIC!  Cut out your letters

Now sew your three strips of fabric together.  position your letters to your own liking.  Peel off the paper backing away from you fabric, position, and iron into place, according to the instuctions that came withyour interfacing.  I press for about 10 seconds using a presser cloth to cover my fabric.  This way it prevents my fabric from scalding.

Trim your edges and appliqué your letters on.  I used a blanket stitch for this project.

Placing right sides together use your basting spray again and glue on your batting, trim and sew around the whole project except about 7 inches- this is so you can turn right sides out.

 turn right side out- whip stitch opening.  and quilt in any what you like.

Now you are ready to sew both projects together.
Pin so that both "bloomers" and door hanging are flush.  Sew 1/2 inch down from top with a heavy stitch.  This will get a lot of wear throughout the years, so be sure to stitch over this a couple of times.

TAH DAH!!  now you are ready to embellish it.

I sewed on buttons to the Door hanging side and the tops of the laces.  
Take your ribbon and lace up the boots.

A tip is to stick them in place with striaght pins.  Then with a needle and thread whip stitch them into place- You may want to use fabric glue.  Both work nicely.  

I also used a little raffia and tied it around the ruffle on the bloomers.

And now you are finished!!  

Happy Haunting!!  


  1. ok how much do you charge to make this

  2. Sissy come decorate my house PLEASE. Brittney

  3. "Akkristi" Thanks for asking- I would sell this one for $38.95 if you are interested. I would love to make a couple more too, I couldn't guarantee the same fabric though- But I would definitely use the cutest fabric I could find! HAHA!

    Britt- Just get out your sewing machine in between naps and get busy- I bet you could get it done by Halloween!! I am not a decorator! I just really love Halloween decorations!

  4. LOVE THIS! Can't sew :( Any chance you still have any of these for sale?

    Carla Harvey-Louisiana