Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pocket of Posies Quilt Block or Framed Sewing Art

Pocket of  Posies
Wall Decoration or create more for a quilt.

Things that you will need:

Green Fabric for the "grass"
Blue Fabric for the "sky"
Three colors of  "flower" colors
pinking Shears, straight pins and a button
an 8x10 inch picture frame

Measure the Back Insert of your picture frame.  You will need to add 2 inches to this total this will be your measurements for your block.  

I have a 8 x 10 inch picture frame,
so my measurements are going to be a finished block of 10 x 12 inches

Next measure, cut and sew your main block.
For this particular block I cut the Blue block 10 x 7 1/2 inches
for the green block I cut it 10 x 5 1/2

Now you are ready to cut all your Posy Petals

Repeat with all "flower" circles
My larges posy measures 8x8 inch square- circle measures about an 7.5inch in diameter
my middle posy :6x6 square and 5" circle
my small posy: 3x3" Square and a 2.5" circle 


You are now ready to use a spray adhesive, my fast and easy way of appliquéing

When your sewing the Posy on to your block, sew a 5/8 inch seam from the edge (I move my needleplacement over to the far left and sew with the fabric lined up against the edge of my presser foot.

Now Cut and fray your edges.
make slits with your scissors, cut up to your stitches, do this on all your posies.

I now rat or crunch my fabric to fray the edges.  

now repeat these steps till you have enough to make a quilt:
I will post the dimensions in another post 
"Pocket Full of Posies" Quilt

center into the picture frame
Place frame back on

Use your spray adhesive to secure fabric to the frame backing.  I like to use pins to secure till its dry.

After it is dry you are ready to display your sewn art!


  1. Thank you and "sew" fun- you need to make one for your little girl's trousseaux. Sorelle and I will be doing one for her to put away.